Date:06, Oct 2012

Strategic Development

The NW Region Cross Border Group has been established for the public benefit and delivers the following strategic development function:

  • Fulfilling the role of the lead organisation in facilitating partnership between the various organisations in the Region.
  • Co-ordination with all relevant parties in the Region.
    • Improving the quality of life and well being of all inhabitants of the Region through tackling, in partnership with statutory, private and community groupings, those issues, which create barriers to economic growth.
    • Providing a targeted response to the needs of the Region and to exploit the said regions strengths in pursuit of economic development by promoting business development, inward investment, tourist development, community economic development, human resource development and infrastructure throughout the Region.
    • Enhance the potential for socio-economic development within the Region primarily by assisting local groups to create sustainable projects by raising local awareness about options and potential for socio-economic activity.

To secure, source and attract funding under the INTERREG IVA programmes, Special Support Programme for Peace and Reconciliation, International Fund for Ireland and other relevant funding sources