Date:06, Oct 2012

Cross Border Collaboration

The focus of the NW Region Cross Border Group’s proposed collaboration investment programme is to develop and promote cross-border collaboration and co-operation and the exchange of expertise, information and best practice among and between e.g. public bodies and other relevant stakeholders.

The Group is committed to strengthening and developing the Region’s economy and recognises that the key to achieving such a vision is through adopting a joint and collaborative approach to common issues and opportunities across a wide range of policy areas. The Group considers that the realisation of this objective centres on the ability to align policy makers at all levels on both sides of the border – behind a common agenda. Additionally, it is deemed that the importance of community involvement in developing this process and within collaborative activities, in developing a strong and equitable society.

It is pertinent to highlight that the proposals have been developed to target and address strategic issues and matters relating to collaboration investment and delivery in the Region, and focuses proposed intervention to deliver optimum Regional impact and cross-border benefit. The proposals are strategically and operationally focussed, and aim to complement and build upon the achievement of previous funding intervention and other / related activities.

The individual proposals submitted were formulated with due reference to the current economic, business and enterprise climate in the Region; and so that stakeholders could embrace the challenges and opportunities of the INTERREG IV Programme.

The collaboration investment programme and its specific interventions are also considered to be consistent with the strategic framework and policy context within which it has been developed at national (both individual jurisdictions), sub regional and intra-regional levels. The implementation of the proposed collaboration investment programme will necessitate alliance and co-operation among a number of different agencies and organisations, and shared responsibility to its successful delivery.